FCR No: 094450043 under Act 1976   80G No. 29 /8OGICIT-GLB/2008-09.under Act 1961 Service to humanity is service to God

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We would like to acknowledge all the loyal supporters who have given so much, those who have bequeathed money through bequests and the many individuals who have supported our work so graciously. We are very grateful for all your support. We have the opportunity to increase the scope and the impact of what we do, to be part of an organization and a witness to the transformation that love and compassion, when applied to high standards, can bring to the lives of vulnerable, poor, deprived, oppressed, underprivileged, downtrodden and despair people and their communities. We praise God for the encouragement these projects have given to many people who have been otherwise rejected.

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Children Education

We focus on improving the quality of education by supplementry teaching with the help of volunteers, hiring additional well-qualified teachers, providing necessary stationary, bringing innovative teaching methods with the help of flash cards, symbolic objects, picture stories, etc. The overall aim to provide the best teaching aids and resources for the students.We have arranged free tution those are from slums, below poverty family background, by this many children improved their education knowledge seeing smile in their parents.

Another important thing we aim in this area is minimize the drop-out rates in these schools by counseling the parents, as well as the students and trying to break the barriers that restrict these children from continuing their education