FCR No: 094450043 under Act 1976   80G No. 29 /8OGICIT-GLB/2008-09.under Act 1961 Service to humanity is service to God

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We would like to acknowledge all the loyal supporters who have given so much, those who have bequeathed money through bequests and the many individuals who have supported our work so graciously. We are very grateful for all your support. We have the opportunity to increase the scope and the impact of what we do, to be part of an organization and a witness to the transformation that love and compassion, when applied to high standards, can bring to the lives of vulnerable, poor, deprived, oppressed, underprivileged, downtrodden and despair people and their communities. We praise God for the encouragement these projects have given to many people who have been otherwise rejected.

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*Sponsor an Orphan Children for 25 No. Rs.50, 000 To Rs.70, 000 a year (US$-1250 to US$1750)
*Sponsor an Evening School Rs.30, 000 To Rs.50, 000 a year (US$-1000 to US$1200)
*Sponsor a Livelihood Training Centre Rs.1, 50,000 To Rs.2, 00,000 a year (US$-3750 to US$5000)
*Sponsor a Aged Care Rs.50, 000 To Rs.70, 000 a year (US$-1250 to US$1750)

*Donation towards the annual center expense. It involves various activities such as volunteering, raising awareness, associating & interacting with the beneficiaries. The evening school will run under their banner. Cost covers salary of the staff, rental, electricity, teaching aids, and administrative costs.

Payroll Giving is a unique way for corporate employees and organizations to fulfill their social responsibility. We encourage the corporate sector to deduct a small amount of fee (eg. Rs.10) from their employees salary and donate it to us through the Payroll System. For further information mail us at donate@mtrdt.org

Corporate can make special contribution through donating used or new items like Provision for orphans home and aged care centre, Computers/Laptops, Note Books, School bags, Used car, Toys, Tailoring & Embroidery machines, Food, Wheel chairs, office furniture etc.
If you would like to know more about our partnership program, please email us at donate@mtrdt.org