FCR No: 094450043 under Act 1976   80G No. 29 /8OGICIT-GLB/2008-09.under Act 1961 Service to humanity is service to God

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We would like to acknowledge all the loyal supporters who have given so much, those who have bequeathed money through bequests and the many individuals who have supported our work so graciously. We are very grateful for all your support. We have the opportunity to increase the scope and the impact of what we do, to be part of an organization and a witness to the transformation that love and compassion, when applied to high standards, can bring to the lives of vulnerable, poor, deprived, oppressed, underprivileged, downtrodden and despair people and their communities. We praise God for the encouragement these projects have given to many people who have been otherwise rejected.

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My name is Chandhini, I love my education. After i had lost my parents i have been discontinued my education for the period 4 years. When i had came to here again re joined my education,

My name is Huligesh, I have been very naughty; always am absent to school and playing in my slum area, even I have forget my kannada text to read, when I had attended the tuition, now am able to write and speak kannada, English, am happy to attend tuition

Am Shantmma, I have became a widow, my son he was a poor , I dont have income source , some circumstance they sent away me, I have felt deep sorrow and went to railway station, during that time this trust persons spoken to me and comforted me in their words, they have talked to my children and to rejoined me in my home with assure of their monthly providing foods grains and clothes to me. Now am getting my monthly provisions. I would like thanks to this people

Am Saroja, backward area, during my family problem with debts no one helped me but by Ramu sir arranged free of cost loan through Self help group loan by Indian bank, now I have a milk business. I honestly thanks to ramu sir, he had helped many people like me through mother Theresa trust